Hello! My name is Beth. I am the founder and creator of SICKOFBEINGSAD. I'm glad you made it to my site!

When I was young, I never had a dream for my future. Frankly, I didn't think I would live long enough for it to matter. I thought surely one of my inner demons would get the best of me, and I would lose the battle.

I've struggled with several mental health diagnosis since I was a kid. Many of which continued to plague me throughout my teens, and even now into adulthood. Going up against your own mind is daunting, especially when many of those around you don't, or can't for that matter, understand. Let's just say blood is not thicker than water. If you have ever experienced emotional or physical abuse at the hands of a parent, let me be the first to tell you, I'm sorry and it was never your fault. You are lovable and you are enough.

In addition to my mental health struggles, I have also had many physical health challenges throughout the years. Some of which I still deal with to this day. These two entities create a vicious cycle, one exacerbating the other. In the last four years, I have been a victim of our broken healthcare system. Within that, I have had to advocate for myself more than I could ever comprehend. It is truly sickening how hard patients have to fight to get the care that they so desperately need and deserve. And don't even get me started on those damn insurance companies..

All of this lit a fire in me. I want to create a family, since most of mine has failed me. I want to create a community, that feels safe and brings validation. I want to promote healing, while using humor and sarcasm to get through the tough shit. I want to help others feel less alone. 

I am fucking sick of being sick, and I am sick of being sad